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I moved.

Posted by: lifebykatie | February 4, 2011

Life at Home

 Mommy started baby-led weaning…  I love it!  I can hardly stand to have Mommy feed me at all anymore. 

I learned how to do a chessy smile- and learned that it gets a reaction from Daddy especially.  :)

I love to brush my teeth in the morning.  But I get mad at Mommy when she says I’m done!

*In my news, still going to make the move so that will be happening as soon as I come up with a good name.  It will be the name of my photography business also,  so I want to make it good.

Posted by: lifebykatie | January 30, 2011

Here’s to the Future

Yesterday was my last day at work.  I punched out for the last time- and punched out early.  I didn’t expect to be emotional, but I was a little bit.

 I’ve forgotten that before the stress and pressure of the job got to me, there were good times.  And when I first started, I did enjoy it.  The joy has been gone for a long time now.  But becoming a little emotional reminded me of the good times.  I needed that. 

It’s hard to be a working mother and I’m extremely grateful for the chance to be a stay at home mother for awhile.  It’s not permanent- and we are taking a chance in thinking I will find something else by the time Aaron starts school full-time.  I’m looking for a nannying position- something that I can take Walker to.  And I have until August. 

Every morning on my way to work for the past two weeks I saw a sign on a church that said “faith is taking the first step when you can’t see the whole staircase.”  So my first step has been taken.  And instead of worrying and stressing about what’s going to happen now, I’m choosing to look at this as an opportunity.  I now have a chance to decide what I really want to do.  I can explore different avenues open to me and everything is open to me now. Here’s to the future!

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I Want to Keep Up with This

I really do…  But I made a mistake when I moved over to wordpress.  I dislike everything about it.  So I’m looking to move again, and I want this to be my final move.

I don’t know if I should go back to blogger, or try typepad.  The reason I left blogger in the first place was because everytime I tried to upload pictures it wouldn’t let me.  After about a month, I gave up. 

What suggestions do you have for me?

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Momma’s in Trouble!

Posted by: lifebykatie | December 16, 2010

All sorts of choked up

That was me on Tuesday, having found out that my brother and sister in law’s beautiful son made his way safely into the world.

It brought back all the memories of delivering Walker and that amazing feeling of love that is so instant.  Especially since as she told me about her labor experience I kept thinking, that’s exactly what happened for me! 

We are so excited to have another nephew.  :)

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The Number 3 Thing I Love Most About Fall

Is being able to pull out my sweaters.  Mmm, I love being all comfy and warm in sweaters.  My closet reflects this as I have enough to wear for three weeks straight without repeating one…

These pictures are from my parents.  I really didn’t take that many while I was there.  My son did not like the leaves!

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Here are a couple more pictures for you-

I love this cheesy smile!

Halloween- my little lion

And a lion and a monkey- cousins :)

Someday soon I’ll get pictures from our trip to my parents on here.

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It Feels Good

It feels really really good- Aaron and I both had the weekend off, so he went hunting and I organized. Walker now has a bedroom with a couple things stored in his closet instead of a storage room with a crib in it. I will have to update with before and after pictures. No promises but I will try!
Next step is to do our bedroom. And I’m looking for a cheap (in price) rolltop desk that I could store my computer in. That would take care of my paper filing problem in my kitchen.
For now I’m just hanging out in Walker’s room.

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Sneak Peek

6 Months!

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